Eve Kerrigan

Eve began taking Pilates in NYC in 1998. She quickly realized that this was the same conditioning exercise she had done in dance classes years before and was excited to be reacquainted with the technique.

Eve went on to study Pilates and receive her certification from Body Awareness Studio in Atlanta in 2002. She then moved to Los Angeles where she honed her skills under studio owners Mari Winsor, Sue Aglietti and Carlos Requeijo before opening her own studio, Reform School Pilates in Santa Monica, CA.

At her studio, Eve partnered with Physical Therapist Amy Fee to build and deliver a Pilates teacher training program for healthcare providers.  Eve then returned to Atlanta and offered services in her home studio and we are lucky she relocated once again to her hometown of Rhode Island. When not teaching you may see her running around town with her beautiful daughter, Pearl.

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