How heavy Are the Springs?


Have you ever wondered in the middle of an exercise how much weight you are actually pushing or pulling?  Or how much assistance you’re really getting from those springs?  The difference between spring resistance and dumbbells is that the weight varies depending on the inches of extension on the spring.  Spring resistance is considered “zero” in the unloaded position and can be extended up to 3 feet to add the maximum pounds of resistance.  

On the Balanced Body Equipment (the latest of which you will find at the Mind 2 Body Fit Studio in Providence, RI) each spring is color coded:

  1. BulletGreen = heavy

  2. BulletRed = medium

  3. BulletBlue = “half” a spring

  4. BulletYellow = lightest

According to the Balanced Body catalog, here is the resistance in pounds for each spring at 6 inches and at full extension.

Ever Wonder what the springs On the reformer weigh?


Try the springs out yourself on the latest Balanced Body equipment at the Mind 2 Body Fit Studio, 60 Valley Street in Providence. M2B Fit Studio offers free half hour classes so you can taste the equipment without a commitment!  Call us at 774-406-8222 or

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To learn more about the Balanced Body equipment and see the latest catalog, go to:

So if you put all the springs on (typically 3 reds, 1 green, and 1 blue) and push the carriage out 3 feet from the bumper ... you are pushing over 200 lbs!  If you are performing a plank (long stretch) on one blue spring (which is quite challenging) and only push the carriage 6 inches from the bumper... you are only getting about 10 lbs of assistance.

So the next time you’re on the reformer, consider the weight as you extend and release the springs ... and marvel at your strength and control!