Are You Practicing “Safe Shoveling?”

  1. 1.Engage Your Abdominals: 

  2. Are you doing your "blowsucks?" (Don't know what that is? Click Here) Are you holding your breath and "pooching" your belly out during a lift? This puts your back in a vulnerable position - especially under load! 

  3. Exhale and draw your abs in and up to provide stability for your spine - particularly lifting or twisting with a pile of snow!

  4. 2.Keep Neutral Spine:  

  5. Are you "hunching" over or keeping a flat back? A neutral spine is much safer - especially under repeated load; and will give your more power to heave that heavy snow!


  7. 3.Use your legs:

  8. Just like picking up any heavy object - bend your knees! Shoveling is really squatting and lunging. What an awesome leg workout! Plus you are less likely to slip on the ice!  


  10. 4.Don't Hump It:

  11. Pressing your hips forward is going to get you into trouble ... (I'm talking about your spine!)  


One of Joseph Pilates' ultimate goals was to have everyone in the world integrate his movement principles into everything they do; to apply what they learn the studio to everyday activities. So this month, I've been asking all my clients "Are you paying attention to these Pilates principles while shoveling snow?"

Lift with your legs, keep a neutral spine, and engage your abdominals to safely clear that drift in no time! 

For more core basics ... Click here to listen to this podcast:

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