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We are always on the lookout for the best trainers in the City...  if you or your favorite trainer might be interested in joining our team, please contact Maria at mandresino@yahoo.com.

You must be able to deliver a hard core workout to your clients that shows results! 


You know them.. you love them... Book a session or take a class with them!

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Will take your teaching to the next level!

Will make you move it!

Will align you like no other!

Will show you how to work those machines!

Will work you hard without you even knowing it!

Will teach you the repertoire inside and out!


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Will help you master the latest techniques!

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Mind 2 Body Fitness

60 Valley St., Unit 27

Providence, RI 02909

Will teach you something new!

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Will drill you in the classics!

Perri Panella (Guest)

Certified Golf Conditioning Coach, Owner of Golf Fit Pilates

Guest Teacher for the Client Workshop Series!


Wendy PUCCI (Apprentice)

Book her at our new Apprentice Rates!

Welcome our new Apprentice Teacher!

Will get you in-tune with your body!

Our Newest Teacher!