1. 1.Pilates Anytime

  2. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or a Reformer) you should be linked in to one of the best video sites for Pilates.  For an $18 a month subscription at you can watch hundreds of videos from the industry’s leading professionals. The hardest part is finding time to watch everything!

  3. Much of the work featured is in the “contemporary” camp. If you prefer more “classical” content, try Pilatesology at


  1. 2.Listen to Lara

  2. I love a well written, entertaining blog that also has meaty content. My friend -- health and fitness maven, Lara Hudson provides that and more. She offers advice on fitness, nutrition, and even parenting that is spot-on and real-world! Check her out at


  4. 3.Katy Says: Alignment Matters

  5. I have been following Katy Bowen’s blog for many years. She has a knack for putting complicated biomechanics into obvious human terms that every body can use! Get a copy of her book Alignment Matters which is a compilation of the first 5 years of her blog. It’s full of useful nuggets! Get it and more at

I am an information junkie. I can’t remember the last time I read an actual book but I spend countless hours every week pouring over trade journals, blogs, newsletter, videos, podcasts, and apps to get the latest and greatest research, information, product reviews, education, and opinions about everything fitness. The topics are limitless:  anatomy, physiology, Pilates, nutrition, power lifting, personal training, physical therapy (and I admit… the occasional puppy & kitten video!)

Want to know where I go for my info?   Here are my Top 10 Go-To Resources, delivered to your inbox!

And one more favorite that has nothing to do with fitness:

To decompress after a long day (maybe some day I’ll read a book?) I watch the live video feed from the International Space Station. There’s  something so mesmerizing about watching the planet rotate beneath me in real-time. Sometimes you catch a spectacular sunrise or sunset from space! I watch a few minutes just before bed and sleep like I’m floating in Zero G.

Find the Live ISS Stream and other cool live cams at or download Ustream from the app store.

Got any Go-To’s you want to share? Email me at

Happy Reading!


Must have Trade Journals I still prefer in print:

  1. BulletIdea Fitness Journal —

  2. BulletPilates Style Magazine —

Apps I Use Regularly:

  1. BulletFooducate and Lose It! for and nutritional info & food tracking.

  2. BulletAnatomy in 3D, Muscle and Motion, Muscle System Pro and iMuscle 2 from 3D4Medical Apps for anatomy and physiology reference.

  3. BulletCardiograph and Tabata Timer for my cardio and circuit workouts.

  1. 10.Balanced Body

  2. My favorite equipment manufacturer has loads of information online from a huge community of diverse instructors.  Check out their video podcasts at


  1. 9.Mobility WOD

  2. Kelly Starrett is an Athletic Coach and Physical Therapist. While a lot of his videos are directed at Crossfitters and other hard core athletes, they’re useful for anyone suffering from injuries and chronic pain. Best access is through his Youtube channel at or sign up for his newsletter at


  2. 8.WeckMethod

  3. I‘ve been a disciple of David Weck (creator of the BOSU) for over a decade. Not only do I think he’s a total “hotty” but I find him to be one of the most pragmatic, wise, and brilliant educators in the business. Everything he puts out has value! His blog contains videos (most featuring his products) and tips that even a couch potato can use from his many years working with elite athletes! Check out his blog at For some other cool BOSU videos check out

  1. 7.Pilates Pro

  2. Connect through the newsletter, RSS feed or Social Networking groups to read well-written articles from a huge database of topics (they’ve been around awhile!) They also have job, equipment, and product postings. Connect at


  2. 6.Pilates Intel

  3. What’s great about this newsletter from Brett Miller is that he likes to stir the pot! In his efforts to help build a global Pilates community, he presents opinions and encourages feedback and dialogue from those in the industry. He features guest writers, and has his finger on the pulse of the Pilates community. Subscribe at

  1. 5.Brent Brookbush Institute

  2. Brent is a movement science educator. I connected with Brent through a Linked In group (try “Fitness & Wellness Professionals” or “Pilates for Sports Conditioning and Athletic Performance”) You can get science-based articles, videos, or join a forum for free at

  1. 4.Dean Somerset

  2. Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Dean delivers a funny and educational newsletter to my inbox mostly targeted at strength training but with a focus on improving muscle imbalances for more effective movement whatever your sport. Join his mailing list at