Why Private Sessions?


Why Try a Private Session?


Private sessions are one-on-one: Just you and a trainer focused completely on you! Whether you're a skilled Pilates pro or a total newbie, Private sessions will give you the most bang for your buck!   

Every body is unique. Private sessions help you identify and target your own special strengths and challenges (like injuries, asymmetries, areas of tightness & weakness etc.) They allow you to go at your own pace and your own level, and focus on things you really want to address. While Private sessions can be expensive (from $40-$100 per hour) they are so targeted to your individual needs that you will advance quickly and see results fast!


Most studios will encourage you to take a few Privates before joining a class. We also suggest you periodically take a Private to fine-tune as you advance. Even our teachers take Privates from each other to benefit from the keen eyes of another.


In a Private session you will learn:

  1. BulletBasic concepts to get the most out of each movement (like breathing & safe spine placement)

  2. BulletHow to set up the equipment before & during your workout to keep moving, challenge yourself, and be SAFE!

  3. BulletThe general flow of a workout to stretch and tone your entire body 

  4. BulletHow to perfectly perform each exercise on each piece of equipment

  5. BulletProgressions of a workout from beginner to intermediate to advanced and "super-advanced"

  6. BulletModifications to safely tailor each workout specifically for your body

  7. BulletVariations to make exercises easier or more challenging (including the use of props)

  8. BulletThe Instructor's teaching style and how it works with your learning style

  9. BulletHow to take what you learn into the gym, your sport, or your everyday life

  10. BulletExercises and stretches you can do at home 

This is a lot of info! Going into a group class without this baseline knowledge can waste your time, open you up to possible injury, and slow the class down!  Especially if you're recovering from an injury, what works for one body may not be good for yours.  Even though equipment classes at Mind 2 Body Fitness are small (4 People), they are fast-paced and can include mixed skill levels.  

But armed with the personalized knowledge you gain from a Private Session... you can get the maximum benefit out of each workout! Because really, isn't that what you're paying for?



Private sessions can be booked at your convenience any day of the week (including early morning and late night appointments!) Mind 2 Body Fitness offers Private Sessions in one or a combination of the following:

  1. BulletAll Pilates Equipment including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel

  2. BulletPilates Matwork

  3. BulletUsing Props (in-studio or home) like foam rollers, balls, bands, BOSU, Magic Circle

  4. BulletPersonal Training, Weightlifting, and Functional Training workouts

  5. BulletSport Specific Workouts (for tennis, golf, riding, running, dance, etc.)

  6. BulletPost-rehab for common injuries

  7. BulletPre/Post Natal, Osteoporosis and other special needs 

We also do Privates on the TRX! Learn the basics of suspension training before joining our fast-paced class! Mind 2 Body Fit also offers “Combo Packages.” Many of our clients do 1 Private and 1 Class a week making working out 2x a week more affordable and giving you maximum bang for your buck!

See our Rates for more info.

For more on this topic, check my blog post:  "How Often Should I do Pilates" 


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Because we want you to love working out with us... and get a killer workout every time you walk through our doors... take advantage of our Combo Packages:

5 Privates and 5 Equipment Classes $450

or 5 Privates and 5 TRX Classes $400


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